” Greenprof” has put into writing what I also am doing.  I was a registered member of one of the branches of the Endless War – Corporatist Party (left wing, right wing, no matter) for 45 years, nursing the misguided belief that from within, I could have some effect.

About 6 years ago, I realized the error of the “evils of two lessers” mindset and decided that whatever electoral debacle we are presented with in any given year, it is not the last one that the Republicrat – Demican monopoly on the political process will present us with.   Far better to commit to leaving the good old boy system to associate with a group that is far closer to having a restorative view of the world, and registered as a Green.

The capitulation of Sanders to Party Loyalty saddens me.  Was he always planned as a Judas Goat to lead the dissidents back to the corral, or did he just run out of fight or perhaps, dignity?

Yes. I can be a Green and find significant congruence between my values and those of my party.  This election is a loss, no matter which of these dreadful persons wins.  Fixing our decayed process is the priority.


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